Toba Research Center

Vision :

To be a professional and recognized center with high commitment in studying and developing human resources in relation to industry 4.0.


Mission :

  • Conducting human resources and profession studies in the field of Engineering Sciences, Agriculture and Agrotourism, Life Science,  Natural Sciences, Health and Medical Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Art and Design to develop professional, independent and competitive human resources.
  • Providing service on training, consultation, facilitation and supervision to prepare innovative community.
  • Improving integrity and sinergism of research and service activities especially in sciences through optimum use of regional and out of regional resources.


Divisions :

Engineering Sciences

Agriculture and Agrotourism

Life Science

Natural Sciences

Health and Medical Sciences

Social Sciences and Humanities

Art and Design


Programs to the Future :

  • Planning and Quality Guarantee Implementation Program
  • Transfer of technology/disseminating research results/research
  • Supporting Programs
  • Research Programs/Research on Human Resource Development
  • Quality Development Program on Human Resource Development through stimulating new models (media, methods, and techniques)
  • Initiating Programs and Central Promotion
  • Environment Developing Programs and Public Empowerment through developing Human Resources and Entrepreneurship


Training Program Service :

  • Training the Development of Soft Skills
  • Training on Curriculum Compilation in the University Level
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Training on Methods of Research
  • Training on Writing Skills
  • Training on Programming
  • Training on Presenting Techniques
  • Training on Public Speaking
  • Training on Prime Service
  • Training on Public Empowerment
  • Training on Reputation Management
  • Training on Strategical Planning


Activities :


    Seminar and Workshop

More Information :

Contact Person : +62 812-3911-2938 (George Michael Tampubolon )


The areas of expertise offered are as follows

Meet Our Advisors

You will be guided by researchers who are experts in their disciplines.

Arjon Turnip, Ph.D

Director of Toba Research Center

Dr. Poltak Sihombing,

Leader of Engineering Science Expertise

Dr. Rosa Tampubolon

Leader of Agriculture and Agrotourism Expertise

Dr. Tumiur Gultom

Leader of Life Science Expertise

Dr. Tiromsi Sitanggang

Leader of Social Science Humanities Expertise

Dr. Daulat Saragih

Leader of Art And Design Expertise

Dr. Juniastel Rajagukguk

Leader of Natural Science Expertise

Dr. Ermi Girsang, SKM., M.Kes

Leader of Health and Medical Science Expertise

What Do You Need ?

There are many activities you can do when you go to here. Doing research and holidays in the same time in Toba Lake tourism area.

Kerja Praktek

For Internship Group or Individuals

Tugas Akhir / Skripsi

For the individuals

Become an Advisor

You'll meet with other mentors from different science discipline and also can do collaboration research. You also can build networking with researchers in the same discipline science

Apply to be an Advisor